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Energise Barnsley's goal is to deliver community-owned renewable energy and heating projects throughout the Barnsley area. Energise Barnsley is the project lead.

Andy Heald.jpg
Andy Heald

Managing Director, Project Leader

Will Emtage.jpg
Will Emtage

Director at General Community Ventures

PassivSystems is a pioneering company at the forefront of making energy use more efficient and affordable. They are developing the smart energy platforms for the smart grid.

Helen Baudoin.jpg
Helen Baudoin

Project Manager 

Edwin Carter.jpg
Edwin Carter

Head of Research and Development

The Low Carbon Building Research Group has world-leading expertise in building performance evaluation. It is providing independent academic rigour to the project to determine the effectiveness of different demand side response triggers.

RG pic latest-1.jpg
Rajat Gupta

Professor, Director of the Low Carbon Building Group, research lead

Alastair Howard.JPG
Alastair Howard

Postdoctoral researcher, Low Carbon Building Group

Jo Morey.jpg
Jo Morey

Postdoctoral researcher, Low Carbon Building Group

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