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Berneslai Homes are Barnsley Council's housing company responsible for managing 18,500 homes. They are helping to identify possible homes to join in the project and provide are provide the link between the residents and the project teams.

Northern Power Grid manages the electricity network for more than 3.9 million homes and businesses in the North East, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. They are helping the BREATHE team by providing data on local and regional grid demand.

Mitsubishi Electric make the air source heat pumps used in the BREATHE homes. These clever machines take heat from the outside air and send it into the home to provide heating and hot water. They are low-maintenance electric devices that offer a low-carbon alternative to traditional gas-powered boilers. If you’re interested, the models used in the BREATHE homes are the Ecodan 5kW and 8kW heat pumps.

For the BREATHE project to work, homes need a way of storing electricity. This is provided by Sonnen’s 5kWh batteries, which can be tucked away in a corner and do what they are told by the smart control system. When there is extra electricity from the solar panels, or when electricity from the grid is cheaper, it can be stored in the battery to be used later, bringing savings to residents.

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